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Frequently asked questions and information on keeping your vacuum cleaner working efficiently.

Where do I find the model number?

All vacuums have a model number. This is to make it easy for you to order the correct bags and spares for your vacuum. It is usually found on the underside or back of the vacuum on a sticker. It is usually a code of 3 to 8 digits length consisting of letters and numbers.

Cant find your model number dont worry we can also locate the correct bags by measuring the cardboard slot. Please call us if you need assistance.

How often should I change bags and filters?

This depends on how much the vacuum is used. However, bags should be changed before they are completely full. This guards against the bag being over filled and bursting, which could cause damage to your filter and motor. Filters should be cleaned or replaced while changing the bag or if you notice a drop in suction.

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