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Feel free to browse through our catalogue of vacuum cleaner parts and accessories if you wish, but we recommend you hover the mouse pointer over the Vac Parts/Accessories menu button above and use the drop-down menu to narrow down the selection by manufacturer.
-For example Vac Parts- Philips will display parts and Accessories to suit vacuum cleaners made by Philips.
-Alternatively, Vac Accessories- General will display accessories that are useful regardless of Vacuum Cleaner make.
You could also use the search box in the right-hand sidebar to search for parts for your required make and/or model.


Nilfisk Floor tool 32mm


Standard Nilfisk Floor tool



HSE15 Numatic Hose

Suits Henry, AS200 & AS100

Most Numatic's 





Electrolux Hose Assy


Please Supply Model Number



HSE93 Qualvac Hose

Suits Qualvac's with 35mm Pipe/Floor Tool

Please Supply Model Number. Special Order only.

If no longer available refund will be done.




Vax Hose Assy

Model Number VAX2000


TLS148 Floor Tool

TLS148 Floor Tool

32mm Standard Floor Tool

Suits Nilfisk, Numatic, Henry




Nilfisk Replacement Hose


Suits most Nilfisk Cleaner

Please Supply Model Number


HE44 Chrome Pipe

HE44 Chrome Pipe

32mm Standard Chrome Pipe

Suits Nilfisk, Numatic, Henry




Nilfisk King

Motor Filter Kit


Suits all Nilfisk GM/King

Vacuum Cleaners


HE102 Pipe

HE102 Pipe

35mm Standard Pipe 

Single pipe and generally two required, will suit all 35mm floor tools and hose 

Suits Qualvac




Hoover Discovery

Genuine Pre Motor Hepa Filter


Suits Hoover Discovery TDP201


TLS297 Floor Tool

TLS297 Floor Tool

35mm Standard Floor Tool

Suits Qualvac, Numatic,




Philips Super Clean

Hepa Filter 


Sorry no longer available 



Hob Brite

Hob Brite BottleHob Brite

Ceramic Hob Cleaner - perfect for cleaning and protecting hobs,
(great for stainless steel too!)



FIL56 Electrolux Mondo Filter Kit

Model Number

Z1100, Z1110, Z1115,
Z1118, Z1120, Z1122,
Z1128, Z1130, Z1135,
Z1136, Z1150, Z1160,
Z1160E, Z1170, Z1175, Z1176E
Z1176, Z1180, Z1180PHA,
Z1190, Z1190E, Z1176E
Z1128e, Z1199, Z1190E/Q



Filter No. FIL62

Motor Filter FIL62

To fit models

AEG, Electrolux, Tornado, Volta, Philips Impact,  

Please supply model number 

Autoclean FC9220 - 9240

Ergofit FC9050 - 9079

Jewel FC9050 - 9079

Marathon FC9200 - 9218

Performer FC9150 - 9179

Silent Star FC9300 - 9310

Specialist FC9100 - 9149

Studio Power FC9080 - 9099

Universe FC9000 - 9049






FIL4055078499 Filter Kit Philips Specialist

Model Number FC9102



Filter No. FIL8317

Motor Filter FIL8317

To fit models

Philips Impact, FC8380, FC8390

FC8602, FC8612, FC8606, FC9060, FC9162,



(Photo may not be actual filter)


Vacuum Cleaner Motor

Vacuum Cleaner Motors

Large Selection of Genuine and replacement motors in stock.

Please send us your model number for a price of a replacement motor.

Filter No. FIL184


To fit models

 DC08 Motor Filter



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