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Bag No. SDB299

Out of stock please order MFB299

To fit models: 

Nilfisk Go, GM60, C110, C120, Coupe & Coupe Neo

Electrolux Mondo-Boss, B4111, B3105 to B3116, B4205 Z3105, Z31116, Lite - Z4205
B4106, B4116, Z2690, Z4105, Z4106, Z4110, Z4115, (Genuine code U62-E62)

                             Mondo Z5105,Z5106,Z5115,Z5116 (Genuine code E66-U66)

                             Royal M7025-1

                             Bush BC501, Argos VC06

                             Vax C90 EBBC, V073, V074, V075, VEC-03, VEC103

                                 Russell Hobs 13947, 14482, 18213

                                 Tesco VC010, VCBD1611

Menalux: 1900 E66

Hoover: Silent Energy AC73 - SE20001 - 39001364 (H75)

 Cardboard Slot 99X109 Hole 35X50


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