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Bag No. SDBGN 

Also see our Mega Maintenance Kit MFB601

Genuine Miele GN bags

Classic C1 Eco Line Model SBAG0 (HS12)

Miele S5211,  S528i S4001-S4561, S8330

S2110 to S2181

S227i to S240i
S269i to S282i
S400i to S499i
S600i to S699i
S800i to S899i
S5000 to S5999
S8000 to S8999
Allervac Sensor 5000
Automatic TT5000
Cat & Dog TT5000

Pack of 4 Genuine Microfibre bags 

Same as SDB369 pack of 5 microfiber bags

Due to a recent 30% price increase from Miele price of genuine bags has increased.


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