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  • Bag No. MFB71

    Bag No. SDB71

    To fit models:

    BoschFD8403 Type D,E,F

    Siemens Super Xs Dino FD7904

    Pack of 5 micro fibre bags

  • Bag No. SDB303

    Bag No. SDB303

    To fit models:

    Siemens Smiley

    Bosch BSG1 TYP K BBZ 71AFK

  • Bag No. SDB377

    Bag No. SDB377

    To fit models:

    Bosch Ergomaxx


    Pack of 5 Microfiber Hi-Filtration bags

  • Bag No. SDB378

    Bag No. SDB378

    To fit models: D,E,F,G,H


     Siemens Super Xs Dino FD7904 

    Pack of 5 Microfiber bags

  • Bag No. SDB402

    Bag No. SDB402

    To fit models:

    Bosch BBZ41FGXXL

    Pack of 5 Microfibre bags


  • Bag No. SDB71

    Bag No. SDB71

    To fit models:

    BoschFD8403, Pro-Parquet Plus BSG61822, Aerossa BSG41700, Pro Hygeinic ENR BSG61870GB/03, BOSCH BSG62400GB 2400W BLACK PROPOWER = TYPEG, vBOSCH BSG7 / BSG4 / BSA / BBS631-639 / BSC / BBS7 / BBS8 / BSF./  BSG61800GB, BBS60../61../62../ BBS630../BSD, FD8104 Sphera, TERROSSA

    Siemens Super Xs Dino FD7904, TYPE E/F/D, RAPID TYPE VBBS550V15, BS55

    Pack of 5 paper bags

  • Bag No. SDBTYPEG

    Bag No. SDBTYPEG

    To fit models:

    BoschFD8403, Activa 61,

    ACTIVA Series All Models
    ALPHA Series All Models
    OPTIMA Series All Models


    Pack of 4 Genuine Microfiber bags

  • Bag No. SDBTYPEP


    Bag No. SDBBSH468264

    To fit models:

    BoschTYPEP Genuine Bags


    Pack of 5 Genuine Microfiber bags

  • Vacuum Cleaner Motor

    Vacuum Cleaner Motors

    Large Selection of Genuine and replacement motors in stock.

    Please send us your model number for a price of a replacement motor.

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