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  • Bag No. MFB298

    Bag No. MFB298

    Also available in standard Paper Bags code SDB298

    To fit models:

    Dirt Devil DCC038, DDCYLBG5,

    Beaumark BM2075, XL777A Dust Devil 2000w

    Electrolux genuine code U60 - E62 Z2310

    Royal Vacuum M7025

    Morphy Richards 70091, 70092

  • Bag No. SDB210

    Bag No. SDB210

    To fit models:

    Morphy Richards 73111, 73114, 70255 (73114 was a re-usable bag)
    Nilfisk Compact C10, C20
    Vax VEC31, Amethyst V014, C91

    Beaumark BM2020, 2010 2089, 2025, 2030, 2040, 4040, BM005 Venus & Roadster, Racer 5052 BM008

    Daewoo RC450

    Dirt DevilDD2800 Big Vac with cloth bag

    KingsbrookKB-80152 1600w

    Silvercrest SBS1400



    LG Pro-Action VC294, V2620DE

    Delta BS1400-03

    Lervia Please supply number before ordering 

    Also available in Micro Fibre Bags MFB210

    Cardboard Slot 98X108 Hole 30X45

  • Bag No. SDB237

    Bag No. SDB237

    To fit models:

    Hometek: HT806

    Goblin: Aspen DD2K400

     Dirt Devil : DD2807Q/2803Q/MB

  • Bag No. SDB259

    Bag No. SDB259

    To fit models:

    Dirt Devil DD2K200Q, DCC004,
    Electrolux Powerplus, Z1013,
    Z1026, Z4431, Z4471, Powerline B4300 

    Mondo Z2306,Z2310,Z2313 Endutrotronic MOD 4111

    Zanussi ZAN3430,

    Equivalent to bag E51 & U51

  • Bag No. SDB276

    Bag No. SDB276

    To fit models:

    Goblin: Topo 73156

    Zanussi : ZAN3911 

    Dirt Devil : DD2100


  • Bag No. SDB277

    Bag No. SDB277

    To fit models:

    Dirt Devil:Ladybug DD2203


  • Bag No. SDB280

    Bag No. SDB280

    To fit models:

    Dirt Devil: Handyvac 1400w DD2202, Ladybug DD2200, DD260

     Lexsor : LX045 1400w Red

  • Bag No. SDB285

    Bag No. SDB285

    To fit models:

    Menalux: 2500

    Dirt Devil : supply model number

    Vax Vivality 


  • Bag No. SDB296

    Bag No. SDB296

    To fit models:

    Dirt Devil:Advantage DD22101200w 

    Lux : Z956 (E67)

    VAX : MOJO3

    Hoover : Studio


    SUPERVAC : SC829

  • Bag No. SDB298

    Bag No. SDB298

    Also available in Micro Fibre Bags code MFB298

    To fit models:

    Dirt Devil DCC038, DDCYLBG5,

    Beaumark BM2075, XL777A Dust Devil 2000w

    Electrolux genuine code U60 - E62 Z2310

    Morphy Richards 70091, 70092

    Cardboard Slot 100X108 Hole 35X50

  • Bag No. SDB309

    Bag No. SDB309

    To fit models:

    Dirt Devil: DD2415, DD2416, DD2690B, DD2691B

  • Bag No. SDB341

    Bag No. SDB341

    To fit models:

    Dirt Devil:DD2491

    Hometek HT689

  • Vacuum Cleaner Motor

    Vacuum Cleaner Motors

    Large Selection of Genuine and replacement motors in stock.

    Please send us your model number for a price of a replacement motor.

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